Going to see the Doctor for most, used to be just turning up and joining a queue of about 2 hours and catching about 15 other germs whilst doing it. But, the powers to be came up with a pretty good idea and made seeing your Doctor by appointment only. For a while this seemed […]

A Budget in excess of 75p, a cast of thousands (if you include the Fleas), 40 minutes in the making – this really will get Jonathan Ross on the edge of his seat for Film 2008. See what lays behind the Web Site, see the Staff at work, see the splender of an afternoon when […]

My camera was a bit strange this morning and whilst waiting to see the Dentist, had a fiddle with it. Aiming it at the Magazine Stall, it went off and it was after that I noticed all the other magazines spread around. Firstly I should say it’s nothing against my Dentist, he’s the best and […]

For nearly two hours on Sunday, the Lane was seized in the grips of a violent snowstorm which nearly covered all of the grass. Starting in mid-afternoon the sequence of fear was as follows. 16.02hrs – A massive search for missing Ginger the Cat got underway. He was found some two minutes later asleep in […]

Dentures – more uses than meet’s the eye Some of you may have read my more serious pages on the main Website about what to expect when getting Dentures for the first time. Having now had them myself for some time, I would like to pass the following tips to you. 1. Leave them in […]

I don’t take a lot of notice of those ‘funny’ emails which keep turning up in my Inbox, but this one did appeal to my sense of humour, so thought I’d post them here… Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says * Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers * Is There a Ring […]

Getting a job nowadays is harder than it’s ever been, so all the more reason that you Curriculum Vitae should be straight to the point and give the reader a want to interview you. However, having been at the Employers end of the matter for quite a few years, here are a few things about […]

There are two types of Car Salesmen, the Dealership and the more typical Second Hand Sales, or Trader. Both have their good points and their bad and we have to remember they have bills to pay as well as us, so need to sell cars at the best of their ability. Here’s an example based […]

It all began with illness associated to those living in homes close to power pylons. There was (and is) much evidence to prove all the findings correct, but the sertiousness of electricity on our health is being overlooked. Our bodies have spent thousands of years adapting and evolving to things around us. But this up […]

Yes, for the second time in 6 weeks, my never forgetful son lost the key to his Bicycle Lock. Not the last lock which I had to saw off in Ashford High Street, but the new ‘better model’ which I told him to get. So whilst waiting for my car to be looked at I […]

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