Taking a Chiwawa for a walk brings about some fascinating observations. It was a nice sunny day in Netley, Southampton, my daughter was out and the kids were at School, just right for a walk. Experience from previous walks around the Royal Victoria Park on my own had made it very clear that a man […]

. I don’t know what it is about two of my three Cats, but Mimi and Ginger seem to spend the whole summer and early Autumn quite happily sitting on the sofa or other places out of harms way. Then once you light the Rayburn about mid-end October, they have a sudden personality change which […]

Our ginger cat (named ‘Ginger’ because we thought it was an unusual name!!) suffers from Milary dermatitis which is basically the same as human dermatitis. Although in most cases this is brought on by fleas, it would appear that his is probably an allergy as he hasn’t got any. As it always comes on in […]

Yet another moan, about these ‘more easy to pack, stack’em high, we know best’ methods used by manufacturers and Supermarkets. It’s about these Cat Food Sachet boxes where they sell you 12 in usually 4 assorted flavours to keep prices down. First of all, every major Manufacturer has it’s own variation of assortment ie. 4 […]

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