I have one desktop PC with three monitors, all the add-ons, a Laptop, Netbook, portable hard drive, iPad, Nexus 7 plus an iPhone. In the last two years have up-graded on all of them. The only problem I’ve had with any of them is actually buying them. You see, I’m 64 years old, don’t dress […]

The problem with the ageing process is that you seem to go to the Doctor more often which can lead to various medications which have the possibility of either sorting whatever problems they are out or at least controlling them until the human Rainbow Bridge calls you! At present I’m on three such medications, […]

Things I have noticed more than anything else since attaining the pensionable age of 65 are 1. Everyone assumes you’ve suddenly got loads of money 2. You could peg it at any moment and your kids will spend the rest of their lives penniless 3. Banks and other Investment Companies suddenly like you 4. Facebook […]

1967 it was, the Beatles released ‘When I’m 64’ and it seemed that all us teenagers were actually asking each other ‘what will I be doing when I’m 64! Yesterday I became 64 and needless to say it got me thinking about both past and present, indded, future as well. When the record (note the […]

I’m extremely proud to proclaim that, in my Grandchildren’s house anyway, I am now the undisputed World Champion Javelin and Discus Thrower. Fair enough, it’s on X-Box, but a Champion is a Champion no matter what way you look at it! Also, I’m a pretty good handler of both Sonic Racing and Mario Karts on […]

The one thing which really came over to me on whilst on my John O’Groats to Lands End Cycle Ride was that there are so many retired and ‘more senior people’ getting on tgheir bikes and enjoying life to the full. Our culture seems to be changing, maybe it’s modern medicine keeping us going longer […]

I may have mentioned this before, but some while ago I was browsing around a local Book Shop and I noticed the book entitled ‘PC’s for Seniors’. I thought that sounded interesting and upon opening a few pages expecting to find some variations on ways to look at PC problems, found it to be no […]

The photograph on the right is my serious look. Why? well, because I’m obiovuly doing something wrong. In the last six months, three people have guessed my age at being over 70, I know, hard to believe isn’t it! The first was when we entertained the Pakistan Cricket Team at Canterbury last year. In my […]

You know how it is, you’ve worked umpteen weeks at break neck speed and at long last get a few days off where you can go to visit the family and do your own thing a bit. Having family who live very close to Southampton, I thought I would reserve a day for just having […]

Before I carry on I should say that being a Senior isn’t always much fun. In the last two month’s I have been asked by the girl in the Optician if I was over 70 and whilst having a tour of Dover Castle War Tunnels, the Guide picked me out from 30 people and asked […]

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