and how I can’t master it! They said that the new Digital TV System is great, it will revolutionise home entertainment and take us firmly into the 21st. Century. Well I have to say that much of that statement is true; we have a huge range of Channels to choose from, far better pictures, better […]

The inevitability of getting older It’s my birthday today. It’s that day of the year when the figure on the right hand side of your age increases by one and you have to scroll further up the online registration for something or other to find your birth year. It’s also a day when you get […]

With the Cricket Season over, I haven’t a friendly Groundsman around to cut my hair for me through the winter months. In Summer, it’s a quick stroll up to the Lawn Mower Shed and either Simon or someone else has an electric Hair Shaver. Above – nearly 50 years of degeneration ! I had to […]

The Lane in which I live is in an area known as ‘Lightning Valley’. Apparently, from the whole area, we get hit the most and also get the most amount of Power Cuts. Last Thursday I was happily sitting in my Shed Office doing some Website work and I could sense and hear a rather […]

I know there are some who don’t want to retire at 60 in the case of women and 65 in the case of men, they’d much rather work on, this mainly being on the theory ‘if you pack it in, that’s it!’. In some cases this may be true and good luck to them, but […]

. I didn’t really think much about this, but having lived in this house for 11 years and twice I’ve walked into the Bathroom this week for the Loo, only to remember we have a separate one here, it motivated me to look at myself a bit more carefully. It seems that it’s only when […]

It all started off quite well really, that is to say I woke up, something I’m always thankful for. I knew I was awake because I could hear myself grunting and groaning about my shoulder as I tried various ways of getting it over my head. This ended up as being a Dressing Gown job, […]

It seems to me that this reality TV thing is starting to get a bit out of hand. Most of these programmes, especially Big Brother seem to be centred upon people in their 20’s who’ve obviously been to some sort of ‘Want to be a Celeb’ School and are quite prepared to spend 4 weeks […]

Some time ago I applied for quite a few Market Research, Mystery Shopping jobs etc. Becuase of various commitments I haven’t really followed things up too much, so it came as quite a surprise to receive an Invitation Letter yesterday from a Company who were after Part-Time Researchers on smelling essences and discussing packaging etc. […]

It’s funny how all the things which seem to be getting older on you seem to remind you of it all at once! I’ve been getting a bit of gip from the ears of late, so rather than burdening my Doctor and take her away from the mundane work of writing out Sick Notes on […]

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