Tomorrow see’s Football’s mid season Transfer deadline and whilst everyone is talking millions of £’s both in transfer fees and wages I thought it a good time to remember there is life outside of the Premiership and to a certain degree the Championship. All photos – Ashford United How often do we forget or not […]

Kent Cricket Pre-Season Training Following a few days in sunny Dubai, the Kent Cricket Team returned to the UK for a relaxing windswept and slippery game against Lancashire at Beckenham Cricket Ground!! I have to say that as Dressing Room Attendant, it’s on days like these that I’m glad to have my job rather than […]

I’ve been quite excited for some while to using my Forerunner GPS with the Bicycle. Work commitments at home haven’t allowed me to use it before coming to Southampton for a few days. Knowing there’s a spare Bike down here, a good one at that – a Dawes, I brought it down to give it […]

I ventured down town on my new bike a couple of times last week, but this Monday I had time on my hands and thought I’d venture further. The plan was a gentle 10 mile jaunt to the Co-Op, not the Co-Op about half a mile away, but the one in the village of Wye. […]

According to a recent press report, 52 Public Houses are closing every week. Most of these are being sold to convert either to Housing or Retail. The remainder are being re-opened as Restaurants – not neccessarily under the same trading name. This week, the story came close to home. ‘The Golden Ball’ at the …

Two hundred or twenty thousand – Attendance doesn’t matter – it’s the Game that counts ! Non-League Football for me is the grass roots of a National Sport. It’s that kind of halfway house between a local Village League and the Football League itself. The other evening I paid my first visit this season to […]

I took the photograph on the right whilst having a few days away at my familes home in Southampton. At the time, it was just a scene, but looking at it again, I found that within it was a story of a typical Sunday afternoon of leisure, activity and being with nature. The man standing […]

With a title like that, it can only be Cricket ! Click here for Down the Lane Cricket Pages Well, we can’t complain too much about the weather down here at Kent Cricket Club this season. Up to now, it can’t be more than three or four hours lost since we started what seems light […]

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