The Romahome R10

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The joy of the Romahome R10 is that if you enjoy going away on your own, it has everything you need literally at your fingertips, or to put it bluntly, within arms reach! The reason I brought it for myself is that 1. I always go anywhere alone and 2. […]

One of the reasons I enjoy visiting Southampton isn’t to see how it has progressed with modern easy flowing shopping centres, good one way traffic systems and general accessibility, it’s to see how it has captured it’s past and is actually using it to make things how they were some 100 years ago. …

It is rather sad that I have to say that although I have lived in Kent for some 55 of my 62 years, I have never been to Dover Castle (I’ve never been to Broadstairs, Whitstable or Herne Bay either). So last Sunday, Leo and myself decided to pay a visit there. He’d already been […]

For many years, indeed, back to the age of Steam, train travel from Ashford to London at it’s fastest has been around 1hr 10mins. Commuters have sat through slam door trains which have had to last 40 years and travellers making their way to Northern parts have had to suffer the long slog and a […]

For me, the Motorway Service Station is a kind of ‘Nowhere land’, it’s neither here or there and could in a lot of cases, be anywhere. Saying that, it is interesting to take a break on a long run when you can suitably enjoy yourselves by watching people go about their business and spend ages […]

. So here we are, 2009 and at only the beginning of a Credit Crunch. To counter lost sales, most Retailers are turning to discount simply to get people through the doors. The Railways however have a different slant – put fares up and move the goalposts on times allowed off-peak cheaper travel. Travelling by […]

. Through the generousity of an acquaintance recently, I inherited a Car Sat Nav System. Well, it cost me nothing and I thought that having one of these stuck to my car window would give me a bit of Cred and help me find my way home from work should I forget. I was quite […]

. … Had it not been for the fact that I was kindly invited by the Kent CCC Team Coach to join them for a Semi-Final Friends Provident Match against Durham, I’d have probably never had a reason to visit Newcastle. I guess because of where I live and most of my holiday exploits include […]


Now, after years of practical experience, I can disclose a cunning plan by all local Authoritie’s on whose roads I choose to drive upon. It would appear they have invented a silent and invisible webcam which flies approximately 300 meters ahead of my car on open roads and 30 meters in towns. As soon as […]

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