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The Recipe.. Take Castaway, Big Brother, Survivors, I’m a Celebrity Get me out of here, The Island, mix them in a bowl. Add some hanky panky, personality traits of persons mainly under the age of 35 and you get a TV Show !! Link to Channel 4 Catch up at bottom of Article The concept […]

Following dome pretty critical feedback from the first series in 2014 I have to say I was quite surprised about the programme returning for 2015, but it seems the BBC took on the moans and groans, made a few changes so here we are again. The main change is that this series the Competitors […]

The passing away of Richard Briers this week is a sad loss to the World of Stage and small screen. He will be remembered for many Plays and Comedy Series from Shakespeare to Ever Decreasing Circles, he played parts to appeal to almost any taste, but without doubt the one programme he will be remembered […]

To say ‘going to the Flicks’ has changed over the years is a bit of an understatement I guess, but to put records straight, this isn’t in any way detrimental to any Cinema Companies – you’re all doing a grand job for the people of this time and most important, giving people employment. So, for […]

a look at BBC2’s new series ‘How to live a Simple Life’ In this new TV Documentary series, part-time Vicar, Peter Owen Jones shows us his quest to live and survive on what amounts to zero money. First it has to be said that with his job he gets a free house (grossly too big […]

Once upon a time, not so long ago, Michael Portillo was best known for being a rather suave debinair Member of Parliament and a strong allie of the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Upon being a close third place in the Leadership Election following John Majors term of Office and a loss in the General […]

It was Tuesday, I was in Southampton with my daughter and Grand kids. The youngsters were playing in the background, so I thought I’d watch the World Darts on TV. I was surprised to get away with watching the remainder of the Programme as I usually get out voted, especially if I threaten them with […]

I watched with interest a new TV series the other night where young Modern Artists are in an ‘Apprentice’ type situation of winning a prize to have their works displayed in St. Petersburg. It’s a personal view I guess, one’s own idea of what Art is, but for me, this just seemed to be confirming […]

I’m really glad to see yet another TV series featuring Bushcraftsman Ray Mears. ‘Northern Wilderness’, a journey accross Canada, is BBC2’s latest documentary series and has a lot more to offer than previous programmes. To many viewers, Ray Mears is a ‘blokes bloke’, a somewhat macho Guy going around telling us how to survive in […]

If I were to choose whom I personally feel to be a genius in Film and Stage Music, I’d say Enio Morricone (see this page) for film and Andrew Lloyd Webber for Stage, although I guess I should say ‘Lord Webber’. I, like many of my age group, was first introduced to Lloyd Webber through […]

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