. It seems to me that because of the Credit Crisis and the expectation of it being a long term affair, Daytime TV may have to make a few changes. Will ‘Escape to the Country’ change to ‘Flee just about anywhere’ ? Will ‘Home or Away’ become ‘We’ll stay where we are’ ? These property […]

. Those of you who, like me, go back a few years, may recall the BBC showing M*A*S*H, the warming American Comedy series set in the Korean War. It was most pleasurable to watch and had no dubbed laughter over the top. Now, a few years on, you may catch an episode on one of […]

. I have been an avid watcher of all the Apprentice episodes in all the series and after seeing some of the Candidates, I reckon I would have a pretty good chance of being Sir Alan Sugars next choice. Here are my main credentials. 1. I have one of his Digi Boxes. 2. He wouldn’t […]

Daytime TV gives many people much joy and looking at most of them, you can see the reasons why. They are fairly factual, appear to feature mainly ‘normal’ types and can show you what can be done – if you have the time, but more importantly, the money! Homes Under the Hammer shows how someone […]

. I totally enjoy watching ‘Flog It’. It’s not the more up-market types who come on Antiques Roadshow probably knowing they have something worth £10,000 and want everyone to know (but isn’t it fun to see the faces when they find out it’s only worth £200 and say “Oh I’d never sell it anyway!). Flog […]

I so desperately want to write about things which please me and make my days happy, but every time it’s a reasonable day, something brings out the miserable old git in me. Today it’s ‘Breaking News’ on TV. I don’t actually watch it, but it’s usually on in the background so can’t avoid it. At […]

Filmed in 1986, this film has become cult status and you may catch it being shown occasionally late night on BBC2 or other Art Channels. The magic of this Walter Hill (director) movie is the atmosphere and kind of ‘lost’ feel it creates. It’s sad yet gives hope. The scenes at the actual crossroads capture […]

I regret my last ideas for The Dragon’s Den (click here) were not included in the show. It’s probably best because the one about playing the Des O’Connor Album when a car radio’s volume exceeded a certain limit had to be put on hold as I couldn’t get a copy and was not able to […]

In 1965, movie goers outside of Italy, were interested in watching the film ‘For a few Dollars more’. This was mainly due to the fact it starred ex-‘Rawhide’ star Clint Eastwood and offered the strange combination of a western filmed in Southern Spain. Who could forget the mystic and story telling music of ‘The […]

Just when you’re starting to lose all hope of this world, as always something come’s along to bring a smile and even a tear. This is certainly the case with the recently released single ‘My Generation’ by the Zimmers. A band whose ages add up to 3,000 years (yes, even more than the Rolling Stones […]

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