Call me old fashioned, but there’s nothing to beat a good gulp of the throat and pretending you’ve got a runny eye when watching one of those programs which is happy for most, but sad for one. Once again, the BBC has pulled a trump card and got Lord Webber to select his next Joseph […]

I guess it was too much to ask for a new series of Casataway to get anywhere near the brilliance of the first and the fact that the BBC have already reduced the programme schedule can only go to prove it. Instead of families, raw self sufficiency and a lot of frugal imagination, we have […]

Is it just me, or are there others who find the programme compulsive viewing, yet on a very good day, get about 6 questions right? I’ve tried to analyse exactly what it is. Perhaps admiration for those who know something you don’t, trying to work out what “If x is the power of y over […]

Had I not seen the trailers for last nights Channel 4 documentary ‘Silver Surfers’ I would have thought it was about the trend of more and more ‘seniors’ using the Internet. But it was about three people in their 70’s looking for relationships through, what I presume, were dating Agencies. In typical TV style, two […]

It may seem by now that I’m telly mad, but I do only watch a maximum of about two hours TV a day. Many days I don’t watch any. But I know what I like and I guess that’s OK. So, ‘The Dragons Den’. Five entrepreneurs watching brief presentations of peoples ideas for starting or […]

The second series of the classic TV production ‘Life on Mars’ comes to our screens this week. If it’s up to the first series and sticks to a ‘strangely’ believable plot, it’ll be fantastic. The fascination of this sort of programme to me is that it’s something which has interested me since a young age […]

I enjoy watching ’10 Years Younger’ on Channel 4. It would give me hope, but for the approx £6,000 needed to sort myself out – probably more, a lot more! The concept is quite simple; How old do they look according to 100 people, how old they actually are and what do they look after […]

I had the unfortunate experience of staying in today (couldn’t do my bitumastic painting because of adverse weather conditions!). I thought I’d use the time by going through the website checking up on links and generally faffing around as we say. Very productive I thought. Anyway, all day I could hear the 24hour television news. […]

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