I’m coming to the conclusion that Retailers given half the chance of getting a few extra coins would have a ‘Second Cousin’s best friends Dog’ Day. It seems that more and more material rather than thought emphasis is being put on to once traditional days such as Fathers Day, Mothers Day and Valentines Day with […]

They came from Yorkshire, North Wales, Canada and a bit closer for a Facebook Member meet-up at the Horniman Museum Gardens in South London last Saturday! Although forecast to be bad weather the whole day, up til around 3pm it was quite sunny. Then the heavens opened and a brief Thunderstorm came around. […]

Window shopping around Ashford of late is just that, the only thing they contain are the windows and empty spaces behind. Only a couple of years ago or so it was just the little Shops you saw coming and going then the demise of Woolworth seemed to set of a chain reaction amongst large Retailers […]

I first saw Jesus Christ Superstar on the stage at the Palace Theatre in London in 1972, in fact I saw it four times during the following few years so it was with great awareness when I took my son and his girlfriend to watch the new adaptation for the Arena at the O2. It’s […]

The 21st. June 2011, a day which will be with me always. After many years of thinking about I literally got on my bike and did it – John O’Groats to Land’s End, a total of 971 miles in 22 days. There has not been one day in the last 343 when I haven’t thought […]

I only go to the Town Centre once a fortnight or so and every time I go there, at least one more Shop has closed. It use to be just the smaller private Shops where they’d either been squeezed out by the larger Chain’s prices or simply not got their Business Plans right. Now it […]

Do you remember the days when a trip to the Town Centre Shops was a reasonaably nice experience? You’d walk around in your own time, do a bit of Window Shopping, sit on a Bench maybe and watch the world go by. Nowadays it seem’s that any Shopping trip ends up with you running the […]

I guess it’s only natural that six month’s after completing my John O’Groats to Land’s End Cycle ride (six months and two days ago!) say “Got over your bike ride yet then Dickie?”. Well, the answer I give is always the same….”No”, but this isn’t a no in the sense of being physically exhausted, it’s […]

..and why never to go again Oh joy, another trip to the Supermarket today, full of the usual calamities, annoyances with a bit of a laugh thrown in between. It all started well until I came to the M20 Roundabout. I was correctly positioned in the third from left Lane for where I wanted to […]

In ‘Rules for Cyclists’ in the Highway Code, No.64 reads ‘You must not cycle on the pavement’. After cycling quite a bit this year around Town, the County and then John O’Groats to Land’s End, I’ve made quite a few observations where it’s the Council’s who seem to ‘change the rule through proper sources for […]

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