I should say first of all that I’m as guilty as anyone and have quite successfully landed myself in many a fix.

I was in a large Department Store the other day and joined the long queue of people waiting to pay for their goods at the Till.

It was then I noticed by looking at the till I was at and the neighbouring ones that approximately 8 out of 10 people were buying on their credit cards.

The thought then went through my mind as to how much we would have if we didn’t have them and also – how did we get on before credit cards!

It was simply a case years ago that ‘if you didn’t have the money, you didn’t buy it’. It was straightforward and at least you knew your budget and there was hardly any other way, except the old HP or ‘never never’ to buy it.

So, the Retailers make good use of this fact and there’s a ‘latest model’ of TV, PC, Digital Camera, Ipod etc., almost weekly. That’s besides shoes and other clothes which change fashion after you’ve worn the new one twice.

It would seem to me that those with no money are often the one’s who are better off. In that I mean perception of a person. You see the flash car, big house and all the gadgets, but it’s probably all brought on Credit Cards, second / third mortgages or other. .
Those without the Cards and the means to get credit are the ones who buy things with what they have and probably have a fraction of the debt which others have
As I say, I’ve got the ‘T-Shirt’, but I’ve stopped all the credit cards and burnt them. But I shall still have the consequences to suffer and the scars to show for some time to come yet!

The big question is who is to blame of course. Ultimately the buck stops at the Consumer, but these companies see you’re nearly on the limit and even if you aren’t zeroing out the payments at the end of each month, they’ll up the credit just to keep you spending and owing them more interest. When the day of doom comes and you can’t pay them – it’s a different story!

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By Carolyn . February 11th, 2007 at 5:36 pm

I think we have all been there, done that and are still paying them off!!

Personally we do not have any credit cards anymore (well not ones we have used for a couple of years but still have a balance we are paying off)

I have found that it is very hard to get by wihout one though simply because such things as hiring a car require a deposit by visa or mastercard…

What we have done is ripped up the creditcards a couple years ago and now we only have 1 matercard and that is a pre paid one. This means we can only use the card when it has actual money on it- I tend to keep it at a balance of 500 quid in credit (it doesn’t allow you to go in debit) incase we need it in a an emergency…we do have to pay a few quid a month for the luxury but I feel much better knowing that we do not have a credit card to run debt up on when the going gets tough

Great blog Ricahrd!!

By Barney. July 18th, 2007 at 4:11 pm

The currency forced upon us by the new world order is one of debt. Our fiat paper currency is on it’s way out as we approach a cashless society, all part of the agenda for global control.
Everyone needs to be aware that a credit card should only be used when cash is not an acceptable method of payment(bearing in mind that there are still many places where you can get a hire car or hotel with cash) i.e. hiring cars/ hotels, etc and even then it should be paid up immediately.

Do not be enslaved to the debt cycle and become part of it!

Excellent site by the way (came here to find out how to keep chickens). Keep it up.

Kind regards



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