You may have ben wondering as to why I haven’t written many new pages of late. Well, here’s the reason – the new breakthrough in Car Accessories, the CredNav.
Over half an hour in the making, the CredNav will give you up to date information on many things. Here’s just a few…….

Fig 1. Currency Information Direct links to latest sterling Values

Fig 2. House Valuation Upon setting up your new CredNav, enter the value of your House at that time. This neat feature will re-evaluate your Property on an hourly basis.

Fig 3. Nearest Shop Clearance Sale Navigation Through Satellite technology, this window will navigate you to the closest Retail Store clearing their Stock. Maximum range 2 miles, but that shouldn’t be a problem

Fig 4. Photograph Display This is for those long queues at the Petrol Station in a few month’s time. The Manufacturer strongly advices that only pictures of you when you had money are used.

Fig 5. Senior Banker Alert I have used my vast knowledge of the human body to detect how Senior Bankers walk. This sound Alert will activate and countdown in meters accordingly, thus allowing you to hurl appropriate verbal abuse at your convenience.

Fig 6. Estimated date Credit Crunch ends This screen will start displaying a daily countdown 16 years before national finances are back to normal.

Anyone wishing to purchase one of these at the ridiculously low price of only £4999.95 (inc VAT), please send cheque accordingly.

Owing to the Credit Crunch, I will be going into production c.2036, but I assure you that your money is completely safe with me until that time.

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One Comment on “CredNav – the new Must Have”

By John Harrison . January 4th, 2009 at 10:25 am

Fantastic device, put me down for 2! One for the car we have now and one for the luxury car we’ll buy when the endowment matures.

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