It seems to me that because of the Credit Crisis and the expectation of it being a long term affair, Daytime TV may have to make a few changes.

Will ‘Escape to the Country’ change to ‘Flee just about anywhere’ ? Will ‘Home or Away’ become ‘We’ll stay where we are’ ?
These property programmes are going to put their thinking cap on I think!

Saying that, it makes for more the downsizing side of property, even a more regular series on self-reliance incorporating growing your own vegetables and Chicken keeping.
Frugal Living is another good one. All popular and certainly flavour of the month in the Press.
At present these themes are simply featured within other programmes with the occasional mini series of ‘River Cottage’ etc. Saying that, ‘River Cottage’ to some has become a bit of the ‘rich lot’s of leisure time man’s guide’ to many things, although the recent programmes about the people who made their own mini-smallholding from wasteland donated by the local council was very well received.

Then of course there’s the Auction programmes. Theses will probably stay as they are, becoming more popular in the process.
The two things about ‘Flog It’ which always stand out for me are those who say they’re selling it because it was in the Cupboard under the Stairs (which usually means the Electricity Bill has just arrived – at least some do say that!) and the others who, when asked “What are you putting the money towards” say it’s going to the Grandchildren – Sorry, keep it for yourself and have a treat. You’ve earned it over the years and let the Grandchildrens Parents sort out their Kids – you had to sort out their’s !!!!!!

Nothing of course will take the gossip and scandal shows away. Who in their right mind wants to go on Telly and discuss with three blokes who the Father is or own up to having another wife for the last three years etc.etc!!

All this depends on us still having TV of course. There’s a chance we may be returning to a three day week with the electricity cut-offs we experienced in the early 1970’s.
But fear not, there’s always local Radio.

Forget about the national stuff and hear News about the lady who lost her dog and was found sleeping with a Cow in a Farm 16 miles away, listen to how Shoppers in Sometown were shocked to find that Swans were nesting inside the Main Post Office Letter Box. It’s all good stuff

In between the unforgetable news items you can join in the phone-in with the ‘Please phone me if you’ve ever bumped into an Eastenders Star whilst in Tesco’s’ or ‘Let us know what your favourite song is whilst cleaning the Oven’.

OK, I have a dig, but have to admit that I do listen to BBC Radio Kent and love it ! It’s simple, honest and at least gets away from the doom and gloom so often portrayed on National Radio.

Speaking of Radio, have you heard the local football on it. Great stuff, the roar from the 300 plus crowd in the background and when they playback a repeat of the goal, it’s a killer; “Past one man, passes forward, runs in, slides the ball right to Jones and it’s Jone’s, he’s going to score….Goooooal”. This is usually followed with “You should have seen that”.

So Daytime TV and Radio for 2009? Some changes maybe, but I thinks the budgets of most Media Companies won’t allow us too many new programmes. At least the prices of the Houses they show in the repeats from 1997 will be about the same now and we won’t have to work it out !

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