It’s that time of the year we are reminded of certain bones and muscles we’d forgotten about through the Winter months, the one’s we use for the fine art of digging!

Every January and February we sit patiently saying how much we want to get out in our garden again and when we do, everyone will hear the story which usually goes “Blimey, I dug the vegetable patch yesterday, my bones……”

This years Gardenwear fashion is very similar to last year, but with a slightly more ‘worn look’

But aches and pains apart digging has it’s good points, it’s strange the thoughts which go through our head when we’re doing it. Mainly it’s about what’s going on with who and where with intermittant thoughts on life itself.

It’s a nice reminder that we are a year older than the last time we did it and sensibly we think more about pacing ourselves, something we should do with life in general I guess, but at the base of it all, it’s looking ahead to when everything’s growing, what will the success’s and failures be plus the visualization of us sipping that first spoonful of Squash Soup on a chilly October evening.

I think if I ever appeared on Mastermind my specialist subject would be ‘Digging my Garden 1999 to 2013’, every year has it’s own little story to tell! This year the story is that after all the rain we’ve endured over the past few month’s I’m deluged with stones which have found their way upwards and making that job just a tiny bit harder than before.

The other good thing about weeding and digging the Garden is the fact the Chickens get quite a lot of turf and weed thrown into their Run. Due to my Chicken fence being about 6 feet high, I’m sure they think tyhese sudden appearances of greenery are sent from the Heavens.

So enjoy your digging, I have about five hours worth still to do and I relish the fact that as soon as I’ve dug the last sod about 15 weeds will have appeared where I started!

See it as therapeutic, if you suffer from insomnia, it works a treat.

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