After all the ups and downs of making the Appointment a few days ago, I duly arrived at the Doctors for my consultation.

I thought I’d save the young Receptionist ladie’s time by registering myself ‘in’ on that new Computer Gadget they have. Quite rightly, the screen told me I had an appointment at 0930 with Dr.XX., then told me to sit down and wait – which I did – until 0950 whilst umpteen others had been in to see their Doctor.

I popped over to the Reception and asked politely if there was a problem. “Ah, Mr. Cannon, I’m afraid Dr.XX has phoned in sick and we’re trying to squeeze you in with another Doctor. Shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes”

The thought did go through my mind as to why they hadn’t told me as I was sitting no further than ten feet away. Never mind, I sat in the brand new Surgery with 78 seats (I counted them) with only 4 people sitting on them because it’s by Appointment only now and after a while saw the Doctor.

No problems there and it was as I guessed, an X-Ray up the Hospital for the hip and a jab for the dodgy shoulder.
On the way out I thanked the Receptionist for helping me and got quite a strange look when I asked her if she realised there was Horseradish growing at the side of the Car Park and she ought to dig it up before the roots go too woody.

So, up to the Free NHS Hospital where you pay £1.70 to park your Car and spend all the time in there wondering who’s going to either nick it or bump it.
They told me at the Desk I’d have about a twenty minute wait, so decided to have a cup of Coffee in their new Restaurant, the one which is nicely tucked between the Pharmacy and Mortuary. Blimey, some planning!

A very nice young Lady came out to get me. This is where they think that being over 60, you’re on the way out, mentally anyway.
Then came the “You follow me dear” spoken from about two feet away straight at the face with exaggerated lip movement.

There were great apologies when informing me I’d have to take my trousers half down. Strewth, back in the 50’s they’d have you sitting outside for two hours in just your socks!

But, all was done and to be fair, having the whole thing out the way in a matter of about three hours was not bad going and I do reward the Hospital Staff for their frienliness and efficiency.

I walked out of the Hospital a happy man, the car was still there, in one piece and I got on my way back home.
It was about half way I realised I’d left my Back Pack in the X-Ray Waiting Room. I drove back in a panic, but there was the nice young smiling Lady who had it securely shut away.

I got home and there was an Answer Message. It was the Hospital to say I’d left something there.
Good for them and maybe being over 60 has sent me completely dotty after all !

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