It would seem that the Government have scored well in their newly formed ‘Food Fraud Task Force’, a body formed especially to look into bad practice and basic ‘cheating’ in the Food and Retail Industry.

Their very first report states that 30,000,000 (yes, thirty million) eggs have been sold under the badge of ‘Free Range’ when they actually weren’t.

They are now investigating claims that beef sold under the title of ‘Aberdeen Angus’, is coming from Argentina. I’ve nothing against Argentinian Beef, but people would prefer the sound of home market food rather than imported – plus of course pay more for it, as with the eggs.

What this is proving is that the majority of people believe the things they read on the Supermarket shelves and obviously trust that.
I’m not saying the Supermarkets are to blame, I know they inspect the places their food comes from, but they can’t be there the whole time.
But it puts to question so much, mainly ‘are we being taken for a ride’ by someone, whoever that is.
It must be quite simple to slip a few Battery Farm eggs in with the Free Range if orders are abundant and they can’t keep up with demand.
Maybe it’s an accident, so we await the final report to be published this year.

One thing is, although I swear my eggs taste better than those purchased from the Supermarket, it’s hard sometimes to tell the difference, the reason being that Caged hens are fed with all sorts of diet to make the eggs look at their best.

I guess it would make most people feel safer about buying eggs from a Boot Fair.

At present, the fine for abusing the Trading Standards is £5,000 for each offence committed which could be small money to what the fraudsters have got away with up until now.

Let’s hope all this is followed up, put into the Media and hopefully make a few of the bad people out there think again.
We MUST be able to trust the label and not just keep our fingers crossed.

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