We Brits have a habit of allowing certain things to carry us away in a manner apt only for some other Planet it seems.

Before I opened the Curtains this morning I heard the horrific headline on the Radio News, “Snow grips Kent”. Blimey I thought, better have a look and oh by gosh, there it was, half an inch of snow nearly covering the whole of my Shed Roof and it was still coming down !
Now I did take into account that Kent is quite big, so they must mean certain parts of Kent, but no, the worse road chaos was around Ashford – and I had a Doctors Appointment (albeit I got the day wrong as it happens).

I struggled the elements up to feed the Chickens and was surprised I didn’t have to prise their legs from the great depths of hailing blizzard.
I started the trusty Suzuki Wagon R and made my way up the Lane to find a jam which could only lead up to the Roundabout half a mile away.
Luckily I know the diversion routes and made my way to the Doctors.

It also seems that us Brits have a tendancy to exagerate with snow and the mobile phone calls going outside the Doctors were stories of “three inches here at least” and “I may be able to get there, but it’s coming back I’m worried about”.

Oh well, got the Appointment Day wrong, so thought at least I could do my Shopping. Now last Saturday I walked past a certain shop which had it’s usual array of things you don’t really need outside and found they had been replaced with Sledges! Good marketing and fast thinking by the Store Manager I agree, but an old oven pan will go much better in half an inch of snow than a Sledge, or the old piece of hardboard lifted up at the front.
But I excuse them, they have a job to do and appear to be doing as they should.

After inevitably ending up in the Till Queue where something wasn’t priced and someone dropped a Marmalade Pot, I ventured back out to the Car Park avoiding the odd 4×4 owner who had been waiting for some foul weather for the past 11 month’s to show off his ability to look a total Twat swishing through the slush, returned home.

Now, after swiftly getting the Rayburn going and watching Mimi the Cat jump up onto it thinking it wasn’t going, I look forward to watching the local TV News where I’m sure we will hear about the 127 Schools which didn’t open today and watch children happily playing snowballs which they spent half an hour colecting enough to make one.

My God, I’m miserable !!!

3 Comments on “Half an inch of snow = CHAOS”

By catalan gardener . January 5th, 2009 at 12:23 pm

Thanks you made me giggle.

I’ve found estate agents boards particularly good for sledging on not much snow – I imagine there are plenty spare at the mo…

By Teasal. January 5th, 2009 at 11:29 pm

Reading this made me laugh – it must have been good to do that at the moment, as I have this awful cough and feel sorry for myself. So thanks for cheering me up!

By Helen . January 6th, 2009 at 6:39 pm

Sorry to say but most of Scotland is laughing it’s socks off about the severe weather warnings of low temperatures of -5 or -6 possibly down to -11 announced on the BBC with sheer panic thrown in for good measure. Is it any wonder we call the ‘southerners’ softies?

Dress for the weather, put a another jumper on and stop panicking!

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