Recent figures have shown yet another 10% drop in the Hedgehog Poluation in the last year, 30% since 2000.
Now being at Number 9 in the UK Endangered Species List it is imperitive that a major effort has to be made to help these numbers increase and bring about a rising healthy population.

One huge factor are new Housing Developments. Not only are they ‘stealing’ nature’s habitats away, they are restricting safe passages for our Hedgehogs through them.
It seems that 6 feet high fence panels are an essential part of these Developments; they give instant privacy and in a lesser degree, some security.

Hedgehog Unfriendly Garden
No way in and no way through forcing any Hog to detour and probably to danger

‘The Hedgehog Highway’ is a term brought about by The British Hedgehog Preservation Society and means just that – a route for Hedgehogs to go about their business, find safe places to sleep the night and hibernate through Winter.
A Hedgehog can travel over one mile a night looking for food, they are Nomads, so don’t have a full time residence outside of breeding, they are constantly on the search.

An enormous difference could be made by ensuring a passage through not only new Developments but through Estates or Residential areas where fence panels are in place.

Tunnel under Fence for Hedgehogs
Some Fence Panels have concrete bases – if so, almost anything can be used to make a little tunnel

ALL THAT’S NEEDED ARE A FEW 5″ (13cm) HOLES SAWN OUT AT THE BOTTOM and you’ve certainly paid a part into ensuring a future for our spikey friends.

Sure this is only a part of it and there are many more ways in which we can play our part, some of which can be found on the Garden Wildlife pages, one of the biggest being to leave at least one area of your Garden to run a little wild attracting not only Hedgehogs but Insects and Bugs on which they depend.

Channel 5 News 1st. March 2016

We have to make sure that our Children and their’s to come will marvel at the sight of these beautiful interesting creatures roaming around in a more acceptable habitat.

See also ‘Hedgehog Street’ and join in the Project!

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By elaine. May 15th, 2017 at 10:49 am

I live in the countryside in south east Spain. To my delight I found a hedgehog in my garden. I was over the moon about him! My farming neighbours reckon hedgehogs are good because they eat baby rats and mice. But warn me I must be careful because they will also eat my chickens’ eggs and baby chicks if they get the chance. They warn my not to feed him/her because if I do he’ll get lazy and not eat snails or baby vermin, which is the main use for them here. If animals of any sort are a nuisance and ‘have no use’ the farmers here just won’t tolerate them.

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