I have one desktop PC with three monitors, all the add-ons, a Laptop, Netbook, portable hard drive, iPad, Nexus 7 plus an iPhone. In the last two years have up-graded on all of them.
The only problem I’ve had with any of them is actually buying them. You see, I’m 64 years old, don’t dress to impress and am easily overlooked.

It seems that everytime I walk into any Store which has any techy or slightly techy stuff, the Sales Staff glance over and think it’s either they’re going to have to shout or spend 2 hours showing me how to switch on a PC, in fact I could be mistaken for the Invisible Man quite easily.
I’ve stood studying a £500 Desktop PC Unit for ten minutes and seen Sales Staff walk right past me because they’ve seen someone slightly younger in years looking at something else, regardless of the value.

Now this isn’t just a one off nor is it in the same Store, it’s spread over three Stores on wishing to purchase about 8 items individually.
Things are bad enough when Nurses at the Doctor’s and Hospital shout at you and call you
“Dear” with exaggerated pointing movements to where it is you have to go. Then there’s “We’re a bit behind on our appointments this morning Mr. Cannon, do you want a nice cup of Tea whilst you’re waiting?”. “Oh yes please Miss” you reply in a slightly cynical manner, “The machine’s over there, have you got change OK?”.

So, back to tech. You could say I should just walk up to someone and ask them for some
help, there’s also the argument of Sales Staff jumping on you on the threshold. Fair enough, but isn’t it fairly obvious when you’re walking along the tidy line of PC’s studying each card with all the details on that you may just be remotely interested in buying something.

Why is it there seems to be this ‘they’re over 60, they won’t understand and I can’t be bothered telling them’!

It’s apparent in some of the ‘how to’ books as well. Examples..

Normal how to PC Book….

To back up any files you can use either an SD Card, DVD Disk or Portable Hard Drive.

Seniors How To PC Book…..

To back up any files you can use either an SD Card, DVD Disk or Portable Hard Drive.

Listen, I know we do occasionally get on peoples nerves because we say what we think, like to thumble through our change to pay the Cashier the right amount of money and in general obey the law of the country, but please don’t stereotype us – we are human, we haven’t all forgotten where we parked our car at the multi-storey, started to buy Christmas Compilation Albums and enjoy singing songs from an era before even we were born ourselves.

You may be surprised how much some of us do know about tech and maybe, just maybe, we could teach you a thing or two!

I’ll shut up now, my Horlicks will be getting cold.

One Comment on “I’m over 60, just ignore me!”

By Bea. October 18th, 2012 at 2:55 pm

Try being a 64 year old female! 15 years teacching IT applications, 10 years training teachers and just because I’m in jeans and a fleece (with grey hair) suddenly I suffer from two wrong assumptions. Firstly, I’m female so obviously I’ve wandered into the wrong section of the shop and am really looking for a nice food mixer. Secondly, based on my appearance i’m both too old and too poor to buy anything. In fairness, the latter may often be true.

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