The problem with the ageing process is that you seem to go to the Doctor more often which can lead to various medications which have the possibility of either sorting whatever problems they are out or at least controlling them until the human Rainbow Bridge calls you!

At present I’m on three such medications, one for a period of three month and the other two for the rest of my days.

Taking them doesn’t bother me, the theory is they’re good for me and as long as I remember to take them (the hardest part!) I should be ship shape and Bristol fashion.

It’s just when you first get your Prescriptions it’s reading the page and a half of possible side effects which bothers me.
It seems they could be more of a danger to your wellbeing than the condition itself. Some even have percentages of getting the said side effects. Will I be the 75% or will I be the 5%. The mind boggles.
I’ll take two of mine..

1. For my Cholesterol

Muscle aches, cramps, pains, weakness, tenderness, headache, constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, excessive wind, disturbed sleep, dizziness, depression, sexual problems, itchy rash and hair thinning.

Well, don’t fancy the Tesco run with excessive wind for a start and if I got half the others life would be pretty miserable! At least my cholesterol levels would be low!

2. My Eye Drops

These are a certainly for eternal use, I have Glaucoma, family thing, can’t be helped. But the possible side effects of these are..

redness, swelling, itching, pain, oozing, sensitivity to light, change in vision, dizziness, dry eye, watery eye, eye colour changes, thicker and longer eye lashes.

Oh deary me, I just hope these are all noticeable quite early on or I’ll be going around looking like a bald strange eyed man, bending over with indigestion, passing wind a lot, then going home (if I can find the way without falling over), not being able to eat, go to the toilet every five minutes or not at all and if I have a Partner… chance !!

The old expression of “Never mind, keep taking the tablets” comes to mind !!

What they never print is the warning..”Reading the side effects of this Product will more than likely make you think you have the said side effects”.

Getting older along with the aches, pains and problems it can bring is not the nicest experience in the world, but as long as we can laugh about it, there’s hope !!

I’m off to look at myself in the mirror.

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