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The Times they are a’changing

Now, maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but have 5 – 7 year olds changed a bit recently?

Here’s some typical answers to quite common questions we seem to be getting from Grandchildren of that age today.

Q. Shall we build a tree house today kids?

A. As long as we have planning permission, that sounds good Pop. Will it be substantially sound enough to hold my PC Work Station and within range of Wireless Broadband?

Q. Do you know where the Salt is kids?

A. Yes, in the cupboard next to Mummy’s Valium.

Q. Shall we have lunch.

A. OK, we’ll just wash our hands to ensure they are suitably virus free.

Q. Here’s 50p for your Piggy Bank

A. Oh, I’m afraid I only take cheques or EFT on the Internet. Paypal is an option but I’d rather avoid the delay and charges inferred.

Q. Lazy Town’s about to start on the TV

A. OK Pop, you can watch it on the other TV in the Bedroom.

Q. Shall we play Cowboys and Indians?

A. That is just so not PC Pop.?

Q. Do you like my new car?

A. Very nice, I assume it has a Catalyst Converter?

Q. Fancy a McDonalds Kid?

A. Pop, is that the way you really want us to go in life

Q. Are you sure you brushed your teeth?

A. Yes, Mummy said if we don’t we’ll end up wearing dentures just like our Grandfather.

Q. What about a walk down to the Park?

A. Yes OK then, hold on and I’ll get the SatNav

But, don’t worry, they’ll grow out of it and soon be on the PS2 with ‘Medievil Total War’ and ‘The Sims – Angry Edition’.

A thought goes through my mind about grandkids younger than that. Why do we sterilize bottles, forks, spoons and plates’ only to say not soon afterwards “Oh look at dear little Edward kissing that slug and playing with his boat in the drain overflow”?

Beats me, maybe I just forget about being young, I’m sure I must have been – once!

Could there be the slightest possibility that I’m getting past it and becoming just a tad cynical ?

The saving grace is that, one day, they’ll be just like me – poor things!

What it was like for me when I was a lad.. Growing Up in the 1950’s and 1960’s

One Comment on “Modern Grandchildren!!!”

By yogi . August 11th, 2007 at 3:49 pm

2 grandaughters at grandmas recieving new chickens into the hutch when are you going to cook them we thought we where going to sandwiches no but you can have a boiled egg sooner have a sandwich i will try to educate them but a 2 and 3 its difficult trying to get the message across

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