I so desperately want to write about things which please me and make my days happy, but every time it’s a reasonable day, something brings out the miserable old git in me.

Today it’s ‘Breaking News’ on TV. I don’t actually watch it, but it’s usually on in the background so can’t avoid it.
At the moment we have a snow situation in the North of England where people are being air lifted from their cars because they’re stuck in the snow. I’m sure they’ll all rush home afterwards, switch on their telly to see if they see themselves or not.

Well, it’s a shame they haven’t switched it on for the last two days when repeated Severe Weather Warnings were issued followed by the mandatory “Only go out if you really have to”. Maybe a Helicopter fitted with a Credit Card Machine in which they can pay for the Emergancy Services costs wouldn’t go amiss (not the one’s who had no option other than to drive somewhere).
You’d have thought that many would see it as a good excuse not to go out !!

Then, we are subjected to about a 90 second video clip of the same scene over and over again. Today, one channel has pictures of horses in fields (very relative to the Motorway rescue) and the other a continuous loop of about half an inch of snow on a street somewhere in the North of England.

I feel sorry for them believe me, the weather’s been good down this way today – but why do so many people put so many overworked Emergancy Services to strangulation point!

Last week, we had a continuous news story from a City half way round the world where a fire had set alright an upper floor in a Holiday Hotel. No one was trapped, no one got injured and we saw the same Fire Officers watering the same place over and over again.
Once more I repeat I have great respect for those who help others. It’s just some of this Breaking News Stuff isn’t really of National importance – maybe set up camera’s outside a Battery Farm rescue may be better and more interesting?!!

Finally, before my teeth drop out, why is it ‘breaking’? My definition of the word doesn’t match up to what TV Channels call it. Why not call it ‘Happening News’ or ‘Hot News’ ?

Oh well, I’m just going to peep round the corner and see how those poor horses are getting on!

It’s all OK now, it’s been changed to ‘Latest News’. Maybe that’s the answer, they should de-grade the news value gradually, ‘Latest News’ becomes ‘Other News’ becomes ‘Something happened’ news and finish off with ‘We’ve saturated it now and it’s totally old boring News’.

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