Last Wednesday I took a trip down the local DIY Superstore to buy a few bits and pieces and being the middle of the week, I thought it was a good time to go, not many people around and it would be a stroll – wrong.

I arrived there to find the Car Park remarkably full, found a spot, parked and went about my business in-store. It was by the time I got to about the third Aisle I realised things weren’t quite right, there seemed there were a great amount of people older than me – this doesn’t happen very often nowadays !

It was then it suddenly dawned on me – it’s Wednesday, Over 60’s Discount Day. By sheer luck I had forgotten all about that and it was their Over 60’s Clubcard which was one of the first things I applied for upon reaching the monumental age last year.

It seemed that Ashford have a Seniors DIY fashion, there they were (or there were we) going about snapping up goods from all over the place. I had a little note of paper of the things I wanted and more or less knew where to find them. However, others didn’t, they were studying their list, asking the Assistants where things were and overall, in a bit of a tiz woz.

I went down the Tools Section to hear one lady say “What’s he mean by Size 8 when he wants one and a half inch long”, “That’s the thickness” replied her husband. A bit further on and I came accross one poor old couple loading up Plasterboard Sheets onto a Flat Bed Trolley. At a mere 61, I felt compelled to help. I was expecting a “Thank you young man”, but just got a “Thank you”. Oh well !!
Blimey these seniors are doing some big DIY jobs around the House I thought.
Along another Aisle and there was a Man who seemed to be having a bit of a bust up with someone on the Phone. It was through what I heard, that it all fell into place, “Well I don’t know” he yelled, “If that’s what you think, come and get it yourself tomorrow”.

Ah, the reason that many were there using their Discount Cards was because their grown up kids had given them a list to go and buy for them.

Now I’m not jealous because when my Mum reached 60 and I was 35, they didn’t have DIY Discount Cards, I was a bit concerned there are some pretty cunning Kids out there who not only get their shopping done for them, but get a discount as well. You can also bet your life they’re hoping their Parents won’t ask them for the money as well, you can almost hear “Can you get………..I’ll give you the money when you bring them around”.

I would imagine the Managers of the DIY Store know this goes on, if they don’t, their Marketing Department needs a good looking at ! Maybe they accept it and see it as although they may lose a bit of discount, they’re getting people through the doors on a weekday.

Either way and good on the DIY Store who employ many Seniors to work there, I’m concerned more for these poor ‘older people’ who’ve given up their years raising Kids, paid their Tax and now looking forward to some relaxation in their twilight years, being sent out on a damp windy day to get Products for someone else who’s probably got three times the amount of money they have.

So all you middle aged Kids, spare a thought for the bones, the muscles and the hassle you’re putting them through. The good news I guess is that you’ll be like them one day and I hope your list is a bigger and heavier one than some I saw last Wednesday !

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