Having worked on the railway and travelled on the trains every day along with now making trips to here there and everywhere, I find myself having to pass the time away.

I’ve never been a one for reading on a train, neither can I sleep usually and I certainly wouldn’t find a Laptop or MP3 player or two hours of text messaging very enthralling either.

Maybe it’s my age that  train journeys for me as a child were for excitement, anticipation of what was around the next corner – going to the seaside or visting someone etc. Imaginations seemed more diverse then and our minds went, excuse the pun, off track quite easily. So, some of these things have stuck and here’s a few of my maybe embarressing pass the time habits….

1. Search for a decent campsite spot
2. What 5 houses would I buy en-route and as soon as you’ve had the 5, that’s it.
3. Where would I build a house.
4. Where’s the closest to London you would live
5. Who would I like to share the journey with – and why!

Geeky – yes – but ashamed – no! At least I’m not annoying other people with a conversation to my work colleague about tomorrows schedule or ‘Be there in 5 minutes’ when they’re already waiting etc.
I spent 7 years commuting between Sevenoaks and London and I AM ASHAMED to say I knew things like there are 133 clickety clicks in Polhill Tunnel!

But in those years and 8 years of Ashford to Hastings and back every day, I would always look out of the window and see something I hadn’t seen before. My campsite would change weekly and my companions would range from Winston Churchill to Cindy Crawford.

I don’t care!

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