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There are many benefits for having raised beds to grow your Vegetables in..

1. It contains the Vegetables is easier manageable areas
2. Easier access
3. Easier to plan your Vegatble Patch and move around in it
4. Focus’s on a specific area for Composts / Fertilizers etc
5. It’s less strain on your back, simpler to get to.

The main problem with Raised Beds is the price of them and a normal size Vegetable patch with say 6 Raised Beds could cost you as much as £200 plus.
The two main reasons for growing our own Vegetables is to experience the joy of eating out self grown produce and secondly to save money.
If you put £200 for raised eds up against other things, it’ll take a good couple of years or so to see any actual monitory savings.

So, the solution is to not only to experience the enjoyment of your Veggies but to also experience how you’ve gone about it in a frugal self-reliant manner.

So once more it’s on to Pallets or other items such as the old abandoned Fruit Boxes such as the Photo above.

Getting the slats off isn’t always easy but a good Crowbar with brute force usually does the trick or you can simply saw off the bits you need.
In my case I managed to get them off quite easily, I used the existing Corner pieces as extra support and even used the old rusty nails.

Cost? About 45 minutes work and zero £’s !

Once you’ve got the Bed into position, line the bottom with old newspaper or cardboard, this will retain water better and also assist in keeping the weeds down.

All in all, a frugally thought out and satisfying Vegetable Gardens are usually those where you’ve made the most of what you’ve got and you can show your friends around with quite a feeling of pride.

And why not !

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