Get a huge Grant, buy some land near a Motorway, an Airport and the Med, build a Golf Course, put an enormous Housing Estate around it and move the Brits in.
Well, from two recent visits to Spain, that’s the impression I get. At least it seems to have done away with the dreaded ‘timeshare’ schemes!

The Coach trip from both Alicante and Mercia Airports to La Manga renders some rare and beautiful scenery, a cross between a Spaghetti Western and North Africa.
But strewn along the sides of the motorway every five minutes or so, are views of huge housing developments. Between Alicante and La Manga I must have spotted 20 of these.

They are either right next to the Motorway (just three examples taken from our Coach in picture above) or certainly within a mile.

I don’t deny anyones wishes to move to Spain and I wish them every success, but I do see it as something we would protest against if it were in our own back yard.
I do have a problem with some moving to foreign lands with no knowledge of the language, especially the kids who have to start an education somewhere else.
Fair enough, they adapt and learn quickly, but most feel embarressed by this.

It was interesting on my latest visit to speak to quite a few who were moving back to Britain. Asking the main reasons, they didn’t say beause they missed the greenery, the shops etc. They said it was because it was becoming over crowded and not disimilar to large housing estate life over here.
Yet, the rural side of Spain didn’t appeal to them.
Equally I know of some who have made a huge success of things over there, either with their own businesses or Internet wise.
If you want to be with and live like the Brits plus be in the sun at the same time, it is indeed the place to be.

I guess that sooner or later, the bubble will burst. Already house prices in Spain, where the Brits want to go, are increasing weekly and it won’t be long before it’s for the chosen few – maybe.

I reckon I could handle winter in Spain and summer in GB, but all the time there, I don’t think so.

The ECB are starting a Centre in La Manga next year. Wonder if they need a top class dressing room attendant from October to March!!

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