and here comes Spring ?

The weather always seems to change just after my birthday and is this year going to be an exception? I don’t know about you, but surely it’s been about the most miserable Novemeber – March there’s ever been, I’m totally fed up with it.

But lo! The last few days have shown a teeny bit of hope amidst the gloom; the Birds appear to be singing with a brighter purpose, the Chickens are busy scratching away at the Garden where I’ve just raked and there’s even some little coloured things growing underneath my Acer tree.
Although the nights are still going below freezing, the daytimes seem to be getting steadily better, is this the end of Winter?

But I guess that it’s the old ‘one problem goes and another comes along’. Once this changes kicks in, it’ll be no more sawing of wood and numb fingers, it’ll be digging the stubborn weeds out, cutting the grass, preparing the soil, protecting the Vegetable patch from the Chickens and generally using muscles you haven’t for the past five months or so.

Spring Cleaning

Then of course there’s Spring Cleaning. I’ve never quite grasped what that actually means – do we only clean our houses in Spring, surely not! Beside the Fire surrounds and wood shed, much is the same the whole year round, so why do it!
Maybe it’s just for our personal ego where we can go into work on a Monday morning and say “Phew, spent the whole weekend Spring Cleaning”. I have to admit that whenever someone said that to me I’d just ask them why they didn’t clean the rest of the year.
Ooooh, I may be on dodgy ground here!!

Isn’t it nice to know that days of having a window open, feeling fresh air on your arms through not having to wear jumpers and walking freely without the weight of six layers and heavy boots are almost here again.

Saying all that, I have no doubt that some of us will be complaining about it being too hot in three months time. I remember all too well when I worked a four day cricket match at Beckenham last season. I was put up in a very nice Hotel and looked forward to getting back to my room at 8pm, having something to eat and chilling out.
The Dressing Room was so hot, it took my legs until 9.30pm to do the work. I got back to the Hotel, had a shower, switched on the TV and dozed off after five minutes every night.

So, we mustn’t waste our time away with aspirations for the future, it’s wishing our time on this Planet away. Enjoy every season if that’s possible and just thank whoever you want to that we’re still here every morning.

After all, one day we won’t!

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