Warm days at the end of Winter

Isn’t it amazing after month’s of cold, wet, snow and ice, what a difference a few warm sunny day’s make!

Two weeks ago down the Lane, the grass and Lane couldn’t be seen because a 6″ blanket of snow lay accross it, yet this week it’s like a different world, all be it probably a short lived one.

Suddenly out of nowhere come’s inspiration to get off the butt and do the more physical outdoor stuff.
In two good days this week I’ve prepared my Vegetable Patch and looking in my Diary tells me I’m more than three weeks ahead of the previous early date for doing this!
It’s not so much the want to do the actual work, it’s the want to be out there, feel a bit of warmth on your back, be forced to take the jumper off because you’re too hot and to generally feel that you’ve nearly survived another Winter in one piece!

Not only does it bring about outdoor motivation, but it seems to spur you up in all directions. Besides the gardening work, I’ve written five new web pages, got my Accounts in order and even tidied up the Bedroom, not that I’m in it much anyway!

Needless to say this brings out a big false sense of security for everyone, I drove past the Garden Centre earlier today and it was packed, dare the Centre to display a sign saying “Don’t buy it and plant it yet” !!
The weather even brought out the 16 year old bloke who thinks he has a body like Mr.Universe but actually looks a total Prat as he walks down the Road with the T-Shirt off and strewn accross his shoulder. Enjoy your Pneumonia Mate!

For us Brits there is no greater discussion than one about the weather and how it affects us.
We are a nation that closes down at a snow depth of one inch, a nation that moans because it’s too hot, a nation which has Newspapers with headlines like “32 degrees, thousands will perish”.
Stand at any Bus Stop with a complete bunch of Strangers and you’ll either start talking about the poor Transport Service or the Weather, or in most cases they are linked anyway!

The weather is like how we should treat life maybe, grasp it whilst it’s there, it’s not the same for evermore, so enjoy it now!

I’m off to fetch some more kindling wood!

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