The joy of the Romahome R10 is that if you enjoy going away on your own, it has everything you need literally at your fingertips, or to put it bluntly, within arms reach!

The Romahome R10

The reason I brought it for myself is that 1. I always go anywhere alone and 2. It is of a size where I can use it for normal day to day use as well, with a height (with roof down) of 1.93 meters, it will go through just about any Car Park Gate with no problems.
Make sure you always check though.

Romahome R10 Cupboards The Romahome R10 Bedding Romahome R10 on Campsite

The Interior Options

Upon opening any door, the rear it will appear to have a single comfy seat with storage underneath, Gas Stove, Sink (cold water only) and a Floor Cupboard (which can contain a Porta Potty if you so desire).
Cupboard space under the Sink and Stove is minimal, the Gaz Tank goes under the sink and water supply under the stove. The middle cupboard has two small shelves but space is taken up by plumbing, but for one person, you’ll get everything in.

Romahome 10 Interior Bed and Lighting

The upright back to the Seat will come out and form a Table Top, the leg for this is in the storage under the seat.

There is a deep carpeted shelf above the front of the van which is ideal to store your clothes.

There are three inset lights and a separate fluorescent reading light alongside the seat / bed area

When it comes to bed time, the table top forms a centre piece for the bed, the front passenger seat folds down and you have two extra foam filled cushions to make in total a 6’6″ bed – longer than most full size Camper beds!

Romahome R10 out and about

Velcro Curtains are supplied for all Windows.

At the Camp Site

The roof comes up using a clip above the rear seat, a waste water hose is supplied for you to plug in to the exterior outlet (you need to buy a grey water container).
On the driver side there is a socket for the Electric Hook Up. The Camper as a 13amp socket, so almost any electrical appliance can be plugged in.
I take my Microwave with me, as long as it’s 43cms wide it will sit on top of the Cupboard where you can put a Porta Potty.

Other info

Mine is a converted Citroen Nemo, 1.4 Diesel and going out at around 60mpg.
For day to day use it’s ideal, economical, easy to park, good for shopping and eyes turn !!

Thus far I’ve been away in it four times and have enjoyed every minute of it.
The secret is, getting into a routine.
Once you’ve parked up, roof up, hook up, re-arrange rear for your rest of day needs and enjoy yourself.

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