Why is life so unfair as you get older?

Last week I went to visit my family in Southampton and whilst there, my Grand daughter (Aged 5) lost a tooth. In fact she actually swallowed it.
That evening she put a note under the pillow explaining the situation and by morning the tooth fairy has whisked into her Room and left a £2 coin. This apparently is the going rate nowadays.

Whilst sitting around with them I suddenly thought, it’s not fair, I had 12 out in one go 14 months ago and got nothing. All those jabs and stress, nothing!

So, much to the Grandkids amusement (can’t think why), I wrote an note myself basically saying that it had obviously been an oversight on her part and I would be most grateful for the back pay totalling the sum of £24.

Morning came and I went to make my Coffee. In fact I’d forgotten about the note which is strange because money’s usually the first and last thing I think about every day, or the lack of it I should say.
The Grandkids hadn’t forgotten though and rushed into my Room, returning a few seconds later to say, rather sarcastically I thought, that there was nothing.

Seems to me that life can be very unfair sometimes.

But, not to worry, it was their treat day, ‘Pop’s trip down town with them for a Happy Meal’.
I tend to see things as they are and when I read ‘Happy Meal’, I expect it to make me happy. I could have gone for the grown up meal, but after the Fairy incident, I thought this may bring me back to some sense of sanity, understanding and a brighter look on life.

It worked for the Kids, out the Restaurant they went, jumping and playfully making their way back to the Car. I on the other hand was walking with great expectancy of suddenly being happier than I was before entering the Restaurant. All that seemed to have changed was about fourteen quid had vanished from my pocket (My son had a grown up meal but didn’t know if he was happy or not because he’s a teenager – probably Happy Hour at the Pub would have worked better).

In a desperate attempt to make myself happy, I thought it would be nice if we went to Netley Abbey on the way back where the kids could pretend to be Knights and Princess’s and I could pretend to be Oliver Cromwell burning it down – but it was locked up.
Not to worry, we’ll go to the Museum in Royal Victoria Park. I need to do some research on the Hospital what was, so that’ll be good – they were closed for renovation. I said to the Lady there it was a shame and she replied that you should always check on their website before going. All very well and good if a) you knew they had a website and b) what if you don’t have a Computer!

So, the Kids had a happy day, everything went their way, teeth money, free meal and finished of with watching Disney Channel after flatly refusing my requests for BBC Parliament channel.

But I got to bed and thought, blimey I’m still here anyway, so I guess I have to be happy about that – and having the most loving Grandchildren I could wish for – So, happy after all !

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