Those of you who, like me, go back a few years, may recall the BBC showing M*A*S*H, the warming American Comedy series set in the Korean War.
It was most pleasurable to watch and had no dubbed laughter over the top. Now, a few years on, you may catch an episode on one of the Satellite Channels and unlike when they were first shown, they now have the laughter put in.
Now how we are supposed to imagine in our wildest dreams there are upwards of 400 people sitting in open countryside somewhere in the hills of California, I do not know.
Worst of all is that with the laughter put in, it’s not so funny !

However, I digress, but the reason for doing so is that The National Lottery TV Draw on a Wednesday follows a similar theme with dubbed applause.
Over 400 people turning up on a wet and windy Wednesday night to watch five minutes of plastic machinery going around, I don’t think so and even if they did, why applaud every time a ball comes up from the drum – it starts to make me wonder what some TV Producers have us down as !

Now I’m on a miserable role – what about the bit where they pan up to that Lottery Office (HQ) on Floor One with the window, where without fail, two people will be sitting there chatting for approx. 10 seconds and a third one appears giving them a piece of paper which they examine, say something else and have a giggle about it !

What are they saying? Maybe the OH has just phoned up and left the shopping list, perhaps it’s the Take Away Menu for after the Show or just a piece of blank paper with ‘looks good’ on it?
Also, why can’t those two come down from their Room and watch over the Draw? Four people does seem a tad over the top to me.

So I reckon I’ve blown the chances of a new Chicken House now, which is well worthy of Lottery funding I believe.

I don’t like being like this, a right moany old Git, but what better have I to do ? Maybe I should simply listen to Local Radio, but even then I find myself asking why so many people being interviewed say ‘Absolutely’ then, by the end of the day, find I have learnt every news item off by heart and get fed up with hearing heart warming stories about a hedgehog which was saved when it fell down the Potato trench.

I think I need a break. Maybe I’ll win the Lottery, but my numbers always come up in the Draws I haven’t done and I don’t want to go away anyhow, my Bank may not be there when I get back!

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