The Road to having Dentures

False teeth may be false, but they don't always look it!

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Getting used to Dentures After Care Fact or Fiction?

There is one thing in life we cannot escape - getting older every day and as we do various parts of our body are going to suffer from the wear and tear we've put them through.

For some it may be the legs, others it may be the back and for the unfortuneate some, it may be a lot of things.

The teeth are those things we can often not take a lot of care about until we need them, either for eating pain free or just cosmetically when we arrive at the age of a little self vanity!

My personal journey towards 'the final solution' took three month's short of 60 years, for others it may be a lot sooner - and not always through neglect, but for some other medical reasons.

I'd suffered with teeth problems since and early age and seemed to spend half my teenage years sitting in Dentist's Waiting Rooms reading 5 year old magazines.

In my twenties they settled down and until my mid 50's I escaped quite a lot of problems, but then thing's started to go wrong.
This combined with a time I had downshifted from a well paid job to a life which meant frugality and not affording things I had previously seen as said and done.

At 54, I lost a couple of teeth, went to the Dentist and spent almost £1,000 on them having two out and some general filling work done here and there.
This seemed to trigger of a lot of movement amongst the remaining teeth which led to a couple more coming out and I simply couldn't afford, or find a National Health Dentist who'd take me on.

By the time I turned 58, it was like a routine; one would come out, loosen another and that would come out forming a chain reaction with a lot of pain between times.

At 59, I had eleven remaining teeth and the last two were important both in the cosmetic sense (front!) and eating as well.
I found myself in pain every time I chewed anything and although I'm far from a vain person, I knew I was starting to look a mess and for some, a bit of a target for teasing etc.

Plus, your teeth are at the entrance to your body. Bad teeth and bad gum's do not make for good general health and wellbeing. When they get really bad, they're better out than in, something I noticed almost immediately and as you will read.
I couldn't afford going down the Crown route,. nor Implants which, for what is basically a rawplug and a tooth shaped screw, seemed ridiculously expensive.

I knew the remaining eleven were virtually beyond help and looking towards Dentures was the only option.

Denture wearing is not a failure - it is enchancing a part of you which has served you well.

December 2007 (a lot better than November 2007!)

People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.  ~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross


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