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by HedgeHugger
19 Jan 2018, 12:01
Forum: Food and Drink
Topic: More memories...The Larder (Pantry)
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Re: More memories...The Larder

Some council houses built in the sixties had a stone shelf in the pantry, with a vent in the wall, that's about as far as my memory goes. (I was a late '60's baby after all :) ). To live without a fridge these days would be awkward but probably doable, so long as you had daily access to a shop. Woul...
by HedgeHugger
16 Jan 2018, 13:20
Forum: Garden Wildlife
Topic: Help! trying to identify a bird
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Re: Help! trying to identify a bird

Even though it sounds like you've worked it out yourself.... RSPB have a bird identifier on their site. ... fy-a-bird/
may or may not be helpful.
by HedgeHugger
15 Jan 2018, 13:19
Forum: Food and Drink
Topic: Remembering School Dinners !!
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Re: Remembering School Dinners !!

One of the things we used to get was apple, cheese and a cream cracker. My OH thinks I'm a bit weird because even now I get a craving for it. There used to be a cornflake cake, pastry, something fruity in the middle (not quite jam) and cornflakes on top. Custard of course. I remember a very miserabl...
by HedgeHugger
17 Dec 2017, 17:01
Forum: Other Wildlife
Topic: Injured Kestrel
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Re: Injured Kestrel

Any wildlife rescues in your area?
by HedgeHugger
04 Dec 2017, 19:11
Forum: Food and Drink
Topic: Christmas food
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Re: Christmas food

Today I splashed out and bought a bag of Redondo wafers, long biscuity wafery type things with chocolate instead. I liked the penguin on the packaging Last week I bought a tube of Twiglets, but they have been eaten, for scientific purposes of course :) Turkey crown in the freezer. A roll of puff pas...
by HedgeHugger
23 Nov 2017, 18:34
Forum: Keeping Chickens and other Poultry
Topic: Anyone's chickens not like worms?
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Re: Anyone's chickens not like worms?

My lot get really excited if you get the fork out, and live dangerous lives with their actions trying to be first in.
But..... winter time they seem to lose interest in wiggly things, maybe they taste funny in the autumn>shrug<
by HedgeHugger
22 Nov 2017, 15:41
Forum: Books, TV and the Media
Topic: Already fed up with Ch******as !!!!
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Re: Already fed up with Ch******as !!!!

Last year I didn't put any decorations up, apart from a set of battery operated lights on a window that the curtains are drawn on 99% of the time. tried to look like I made an effort to the neighbours :P This year I have bought a monstrosity and it's sitting on my fireplace wall already :) It's a wi...
by HedgeHugger
22 Nov 2017, 15:35
Forum: Just for Pets
Topic: The first pet you remember ?
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Re: The first pet you remember ?

Billy the budgie and a rough collie named Honey.
My Nan had a cat called Sooty. He was a cantankerous moggy that really tolerated only her. We were told to avoid him as kids :)
by HedgeHugger
15 Nov 2017, 14:02
Forum: Just for Pets
Topic: Arthur
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Re: Arthur

Good that he's healing :) As for honey. We had rough collies called Honey and Penny. Honey had a litter of pups and Penny got a bit too inquisitive and Honey went into defence mode and snapped at Penny, slicing her nose. My mum daubed Penny's nose with honey (sweet stuff in the jar, not the dog :P )...
by HedgeHugger
11 Nov 2017, 12:23
Forum: Garden Wildlife
Topic: Starlings
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Re: Starlings

Starlings are amazing little birds really. We had one (probably still around) that has a huge repertoire of sound. It can mimic vehicles, phones, and even giggling children. He also does a really great buzzard call, really fooled me with that one! They are such feisty, quarrelsome birds in the garde...
by HedgeHugger
10 Nov 2017, 17:46
Forum: Books, TV and the Media
Topic: The Detectorists is back
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Re: The Detectorists is back

Have a prod.....
Detectorists is back on (haven't watched it yet, Series 3).
BBC4 apparently.
by HedgeHugger
17 Oct 2017, 18:43
Forum: Garden Wildlife
Topic: mouse / rat
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Re: mouse / rat

A furry tail, could be a vole. They have less prominent ears than mice, a more blunt face, in my opinion. Let it go somewhere where it has a lot of cover. woodpile, logs etc. You could always release it with accessible food and shelter if it helps those heart strings. (overturned box with food and b...
by HedgeHugger
30 Aug 2017, 11:30
Forum: Other Wildlife
Topic: Osprey in Warwickshire!!!
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Re: Osprey in Warwickshire!!!

There are a load of ospreys in Wales, the nest sites I know of have all produced at least 3 young successfully this year. Glaslyn are yet to migrate, but I think all at the Dyfi site have gone.
Lucky you to see an osprey though :)
by HedgeHugger
27 Aug 2017, 13:26
Forum: Food and Drink
Topic: It's Jam making time !!!
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Re: It's Jam making time !!!

Try releasing the seal on the lid with a tablespoon handle (most sturdy in my opinion). Slide it into the little gap by the jar thread/lid and lever a little.
Unless it's glued with jam (might as well be superglue). Upside down in hot water to melt?, Just the lid area, not the whole jar.
by HedgeHugger
24 Aug 2017, 14:23
Forum: Food and Drink
Topic: Do you spiralize?
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Re: Do you spiralize?

I don't have one, no desire either, see it as a bit faddy, really.
I did notice, however, that L!dl are selling one next week. The quality of L!dl electricals is usually ok, and the price isn't bad.