Return of the Hoopoe

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Return of the Hoopoe

Post by Trev62 »

We had the pleasure of seeing our first hoopoe of the year today, these stunning birds are one of my favourites with their lovely colouring, stunning crest and distinctive call. To see one in flight is amazing as the black and white on their wings give them a distinctive look that cannot be mistaken for any other bird.
Not sure if you get them in the UK, I know I never had the pleasure of seeing one there but definitely one to watch out for.
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Re: Return of the Hoopoe

Post by wildlifemad »

Hi Trev62. We only get Hoopoe coming through on passage in Spring & Autumn. As you say they are stunning birds & one which I thought we would never see as we don't travel abroad, but we were lucky enough to see one about 4 years ago at Portland Bill in Dorset & then in winter 2015/16 there was one than wintered in Walsall West Midlands of all places in a field by a housing estate so we went to see that as its only about an hour away.
Enjoy watching them!
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