Chickens - the most abused animal in the world.

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Chickens - the most abused animal in the world.

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They really like their chicken here is Southeast Asia. It's chicken with everything, rice, noodles, curry, the lot. Even in India, a predominantly vegetarian country, you can find lots of KFCs in the large cities.
I wandered down the local 'wet' market this morning, where they were selling live chickens. They all looked in poor health, sores, feathers missing, etc. Not unlike rescue battery hens when you get them.
We meet a lot of people here, both expats like ourselves and holiday makers. A few are vegetarian but to others I always offer the advice to try to eat as little meat in this part of the world as possible. It just isn't safe here, besides which these people would probably not eat chicken if they saw the state of it before it ended up on their plates.
Sorry for the slight rant here but surely chickens must be the most abused animal in the history of mankind.
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Re: Chickens - the most abused animal in the world.

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Possibly because they are small and manageable so you CAN keep them in a small space. If you have poor living conditions yourself you are not going to worry much about a birds living condition. Not that there is any excuse for those who could afford better.
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