Does anyone actually watch Game of Thrones ?

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Re: Does anyone actually watch Game of Thrones ?

Post by KathJ »

No, not really my thing at all I don't think. I find I can't really be bothered to get into these complex programmes. There are certain things that I do like to watch but I don't tend to watch too much TV anymore.
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Re: Does anyone actually watch Game of Thrones ?

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The very last episode ever of GoT was last night .... I've watched every single episode since it first started and was really looking forward to the last series. Personally I was disappointed after all the hype - not so much the storyline or the outcome - but Season 8 generally seemed to lack the same degree of intrigue, scheming and plotting that previous seasons had which kept you hanging on for the next episode. Despite the claim that the battle between the living and the dead would be one not to miss, it was filmed in the dark so it was hard to see what was happening half the time and it just went on and on - in the end I actually fast forwarded much of that.
As for the last episode - after all the mur.ders and battles, it really was quite tame and muted though who eventually became the ruler at the end was quite a twist in the story. Sad that it is now finished but maybe there'll be a spin off? Some of the main characters at the end had moved on with the potential for a new series ....
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Re: Does anyone actually watch Game of Thrones ?

Post by HedgeHugger »

There are a few spin offs in the works.
I don't think the last series was quite as bad as some would have you believe, if you read the internet, but it was rushed, there was so much more story that could have been told.
I didn't see the very ending coming, but not truly surprised. :)
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Re: Does anyone actually watch Game of Thrones ?

Post by manda »

I have never watched it....I struggle with anything series wise because of my shifts and I never seem to have enough time to catch up with things after so I pretty much don't bother.
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