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Re: Goats

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Sad isn't Mo....all about aesthetics ...I wonder if the supermarkets didn't make it an issue if it would ever actually become one?
I had this same discussion with the produce manager in our local supermarket when they wrapped lettuces. They had just got rid of single use plastic bags and I walked in to a mountain of lettuces individually wrapped....apparently some people like it that way..My response was that if they weren't given the option would they be bothered but the planet really is and he is of the age he should be more concerned because he's going to potentially be around to pay the price.
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Re: Goats

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Collected our fourth goat today, a rescued three year old Saanen, lovely friendly goat but had been neglected. A quick learn today on cutting back her hooves on her back legs that had been allowed to curl over, a good brush down and clean up, now she is making friends with our other three even though she towers over them.
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