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Hello again from a visitor from years ago when I had ex-batts.
I have been helping a local farmer over recent weeks feeding chickens, geese and ducks. He’s having a bypass op as I type.
Anyway I was feeding the main group of chickens who are all locked up due to bird flu and noticed that one had fewer feathers than the others and had a nasty looking wound on her wing. From my limited experience I know that once they’ve drawn blood they’ll keep attacking her. There was nowhere else to put her so rather than them dispatching her she’s at home with me! I’ve been given a spray of chlortetracycline to spray her wound with.
I have a cellar where my ex-batts lived for a few weeks because they arrived a lot earlier than planned and their enclosure at my allotment wasn’t completed. They were perfectly happy down there although they ate my entire tiny garden.
Any advice anyone can offer me as to how to keep a lone chicken would be greatly appreciated. I’m thinking that she’s going to with me for the rest of her life unless I can find some way of reintroducing her back to the others when the bird flu restrictions have been lifted. Thanks in advance👍

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I've introduced lone chickens into my flock several times. It took a bit of effort but always worked. Perhaps you could get her a friend, another lone hen? I do know people that have kept a single hen as a pet & they seemed happy but got alot of human company & fuss.
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