Louise's Chicken Diary

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Re: Louise's Chicken Diary

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There's no way to avoid heartache and pain if you are living your life CC. If you are thinking of giving up chicken keeping, don't let it be because of times like this - you might protect yourself from pain but you'll miss so much joy along the way.
I look forward to finding out what you decide to do:-D
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Re: Louise's Chicken Diary

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Well I have actually decided that there is no room at the Inn, unfortunately. Because Vera pecks everybody and has to have a run on her own I have got no where else to put another coop and run. Space is an issue for me so the two girls I was offered are finding alternative accommodation. They will go to a good home as the man who has them thinks a lot of them and was insisting on meeting us before we took his girls. This proves to me that he does care and will do the best for them. My three girls are really enjoying this gorgeous sunshine (and so am I) and we have having lots of garden play time, which is lovely. Hope everyone else and there animals are doing well. Have a good bank holiday weekend everybody.
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Re: Louise's Chicken Diary

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At least you made an informed decision and I hope the two ladies find a good home.
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Re: Louise's Chicken Diary

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