Should we worry about this new virus?

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Re: Should we worry about this new virus?

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I don't like crowds anyway, would rather be as far away from people as possible. I have just turned down an invitation to a party in a city centre. I no longer fly, hardly ever use public transport, and am quickly in and out of shops, just getting what I need. I expect my days out to be walking alone in the countryside. Not worried yet.
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Re: Should we worry about this new virus?

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Completely agree, MQ!
I think the government should know that nobody is changing their behaviour though. Still nasty coughy, snotty people catching sneezes in their hands and handling books in the library. I also think that most folk have no idea how to wash their hands properly in the way that's intended. Does nobody watch Holby any more?!
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Re: Should we worry about this new virus?

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Hi , I am annoyed at the moment ,
The health authorities are not stating where the location are that are effected .
When the chickens was sick they put area s on a map effected and no go zones etc .
So it is possible .
How can I / we protect ourselves if we are not a where not to go or take additional protective measures.
Mushroom growing seems the case .
People that go abroad and bring it back should be isolated for the well being off the country .
Either it is dangerous or it is not .
There are going to be a lot of people losing a lot not just financial but health .
My cupboards are empty , this is due to me being lazy and not going shopping , also if I have not got cakes etc I will not eat them and lose weight possibly
Maybe I should go shopping a do a monthly shop again before to late …….
Might do my weight even better . Least I have eggs I can eat .
I have got it in my head I will get it sooner or later and what will be will be.
Pleased I am not going on holiday so do not have to fret on that one either .
I feel sorry for self employed people .
But I have had to work 40 hours to 70 hours a week 43 years for the sole reason of security of pay.
Contractors normal do it for larger pay packets as no holiday pay and sick benefits .
When the poo hits fan to shout unfair seems a bit strange but normal.
Zero hour contracts should be illegal I believe as does not protect workers .
But if by choice than that is the individual and they take what it means .
Service industry is in a rough way as no socialising will kill it dead .
Just heard it is in a London Hospital so it is coming for me … HELP...…
Going to hide under the desk.
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