Bullfinches in the Garden

The beautifully coloured bird not often seen

Male Bullfinch
Photo: "I'm sure someone's watching me" © Down the Lane

The Bullfinch is probably my favourite looking bird. Before today I hadn't seen one down the Lane for some four or years years. Word has obviously got round I'm taking photos at present and in one flew right on cue!

The above picture is of the male, the female has a brown back with a browny grey underneath.
The will take food from a Feeder and enjoy Suet Cakes. Their more natural food is like most birds; worms, insects berries and seeds. Some Gardener's dislike them as they can also take a fancy to flower heads, but unless you have loads around you and they're just an infrequent visitor, surely the one or two heads going isn't too much to bear!

For a chance of seeing them in their habitat, they nest in Bushes, even Hawthorn and can also be found in some fruit trees.

Bullfinches are quite shy birds and the only sign you may have of them is by their call; high pitched short tweets and often fast chirping.

Many years ago some had them as Pet's, keeping them in cages. Although it is on the RSPB Amber List, thankfully they are continuing to be a pleasant friend to us.

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"That's all for now folks". The Bullfinch say's farewell until next time - that could be quite a while

Rear view of Bullfinch

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