Chaffinches in the Garden

Beautiful birds with great voice and foraging skills

Female Chaffinch foraging
Female Chaffinch - Photo: © Down the Lane

Although they are Britain's second most common bird, Chaffinches are often more heard than seen, their variable calls are quite loud and distinct from others. Unlike Tits and Robins where you can get quite close before they fly off, all Finches are more aware to human intervention.

In the Garden they are seldom seen on Bird Tables or Feeders, their instinct is to forage so you'll most likely see them under the Feeders picking up the scraps.

They feed mainly on Insects and seeds, a good place to look is when the Rose Hip season starts off in late Summer. The most attractive Wild Bird feed for them are Sunflower seeds and they will spend a much loved time scraping and pecking the bits amongst the grass.

The female is usually more seen than the male which is a shame as the male is perhaps one of the prettiest birds in the UK, their colours not too far dissimilar to the Bullfinch.

Their nests are more the traditional shape but skillfully woven with small bits of Lichen feathers, wool and held together with spider's webs.

Male Chaffinch

A classic Bird seen in Hedgerows, Woodland and just about anywhere else where their diet and lifestyle best suits them.


This Chaffinch is patiently waiting under the Bird Feeders for droppings to reach the ground..

Female Chaffinch sitting in a tree

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