Chiffchaffs in the Garden

An unmistakable song which explains itself !

chiffchaff in the garden
Chiffchaff - Photo: © Down the Lane

The Chiffchaff is a Member of the Warbler family.

This beautiful little bird is probably more found in larger Gardens or those which back on to fields with ample trees, shrubbery and hedgerow.

The name explains itself really, it goes "chiff chaff, chiff chaff" in sequences of about half a dozen, a short silence, then repeating. In fact, as I'm writing this, there's one in the tree outside my bedroom window and it's been there for some four or five days now singing away from morning to night !

what does a Chiffchaff look like

Although more classified as a Summer visitor, whether it be due to climate change who knows, but some are now spending the winters here in the UK as well.

Chiffchaffs nest close to the ground usually in thick overgrowth but search for their stable diet of Insects high up in trees or bushes.

It is very similar and often mistaken for a Willow Warbler, the main difference being that the legs are much darker than the Warbler which has more orangey legs.

But there's no mistaking the song !!


The ideal setting for Chiffchaffs, the edge of fields in hedgerow and general overgrowth

edge of field suitable for Chiffchaffs

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