Dunnocks in the Garden

Also Known as the Hedge Sparrow, a busy non interfering small bird

Dunnock in the garden
Photo: "The Dunnock" © Down the Lane

The Dunnock or Hedge Sparrow as it's also known is often mistaken at a distance for a female Sparrow, but on closer inspection you will see slight variations in feather colour and beak.

I tend to see them mostly in August, they fly in and out of the front Garden poking around the Grass for either food or bits for maintenance to their nests. They have quite a soft song much the same as a Robin but can be quite loud when two meet, especially males, who will set off against each other all be it verbally only.
Another way of telling the difference from a Sparrow is they will often flap and wag their wings slightly similar to a Wagtail.

Dunnock in the Garden

In the nest they are quite sociable. They lay blue eggs and when hatched, both parents will feed the young one's including other visiting males.They do not pair for life, females can have several mates.

Following a decline in numbers just before the turn of the century, they are now recovering and hopefully we'll all be seeing more of them.

They're just quiet types who like to get on with life without upsetting anyone.




Looking at me in an inquisitive way !..

Dunnock on bird table

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