A member of the Thrush family, busy birds and often seen in good numbers

Fieldfare, Ashford, Kent

As Fieldfares fly in flocks quite fast from tree to tree, at first they are easily mistaken for the Mistle Thrush. If you can get close enough (not easy!) you will notice they have less spots on their breasts, a darker head and some white under their wings.

Although not the usual Garden Bird, they can be seen especially if you have a large Garden surrounded by tall trees or live against open land such as fields or Recreational Grounds etc.

They will fly from tree to tree in numbers making little chirp noises as they do so, never staying in one particular place for any length of time.

The Fieldfare is on the RSPB Red List, so I'm particularly pleased to find I have 200 plus in the field around me, they will occasionally be seen on a tree of mine.

Fieldfares in UK
Photo: "Fieldfares" © Down the Lane

They arrive around October and stay until March / April time.

Another good thing about them is that if you see Fieldfares around, there's a strong possibility there are Redwings about as well. I've yet to see any though.



To get a picture you need a decent Zoom Lens (I'm saving up for one!!)..

A Fieldfare sitting in tree

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