Goldcrests in the Garden

Europe's smallest Bird, a real beauty

Goldcrest in the Garden
Photo: '© Down the Lane

Many of us, including myself, never think we may have Goldcrests in the Garden and to be fair, due to their size, quiet high pitched song and liking for thick thorny bushes and Pine, they're quite easily missed!

At first look you see yellow so one may ask why Goldcrest and not Yellowcrest. It all comes to light on a moderately winy day when the feathers are blown upwards a bit to reveal a splendid gold underneath.

Goldcrest staring at camera

They are resident in the UK all year round but nigh on impossible to see in the Summer when leaf is abundant.

In Winter numbers increase with many who migrate here from the Scandinavian Countries.

Their diet consists of small Spiders, Moth Eggs and small Insects.

Personally I've never seen any in my Garden but have in friends of mine. The above photos were taken at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve on a cold February afternoon.

Always a joy to see !



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