Goldfinches in the Garden

A colourful garden visitor at all times of the year

Goldfinch on Feeder
Photo kindly donated by Bethan Tredwell

Goldfinches are a very welcome all year round friend to the Garden, however some do find our Winter's a bit chilly and migrate to slightly warmer climes such as Spain.

Until my fine Rose Hedge died off two years ago, they were frequent visitors during Autumn making hay of the Rose Hips but equally at home amongst Thistles. Having a very thin beak these are ideal, hence the very small holes in Nyger Seed Feeders. The good news for the Goldfinches is that they and Siskins are about the only birds who like it! Squirrels don't like it either, so if you have any Goldfinches around, they'll come flying!

They make their homes in carefully sown Grass, Lichen and Moss nests.

At one time these beautiful birds were on the critical lists, but recent popularity in feeding the right birds the right feeds, they're in healthy numbers again. A fine example of how we can protect and revive some of our dying species of birds.

Goldfinch on Garden Arch
Photo kindly donated by Bethan Tredwell

Where to see them outside of Gardens

Anywhere in Bushes and trees especially where there is an abundance of Thistle and other Seeding Bushes or Plants. There are more found in the South of the British Isles.


Nyger Seed, small and delicate enough for the Goldfinches tastes. Buying in larger quantities will save you ££'s..

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