Greenfinches in the Garden

Resident in the UK all year round, always a pleasure to observe

Male and Female Greenfinch
Mr & Mrs Greenfinch in the Front Garden feeding area

The most noticeable thing about Greenfinches and why they're reasonably easy to identify is the flash of green and yellow as they fly past. Once stationery it's easier still of course but although they are plentiful in the UK they tend to stick to wooded areas, farmland and more rural areas. Saying that, many find their ways into towns if there are suitable Parks and Gardens with ample food supply.

The only places you will not see them is on more upland areas, northern Scotland being a good example.

They tend to nest in Conifer Trees, or Leylandi.

Male Greenfinch on Feeder
The Male Greenfinch

Their diet consists of mainly Seeds and berries. The two pictured above were the first to visit me down the Lane for quite a few years. They came, stayed on the Bird Table, clung to the feeders for around half an hour, then vanished. Haven't seen them again since, although at the time of writing only two weeks have passed.

Thank goodness, Greenfinches are on the RSPB Green Status so, after a decline in the 1990's they have re-populated themselves and now reasonably reproducing sufficient to please our eyes!


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