The Jackdaw

Often living in large Colonies, noisy and greedy!

Young Jackdaws
Photo: © Down the Lane

Although hard for some to believe maybe, the Jackdaw is the smallest of the Crow family, around 12" to 13" fully grown. Their wing span can be quite daunting though, around the 28" mark..

They are distinguished from other Crows by their two tone black and dark grey features. They have a very loud shriek and this will go on through to late evening.

My experience is they live as a community having many nests in one Wood.

Their diet is almost anything they can get their beaks on. Being less wary of humans than the Carrion Crow they will hang around on roofs and chimney tops waiting their moment to see something new in the garden, especially bread and tit bits put out for other birds.

They are not seen as a pest to most Gardeners, except bird lovers who put feed out for smaller varieties!
They're just plain outright scavengers !!

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