Jays in the Garden

A more attractive member of the Crow family

The Jay in Winter
Photo: 'Under a Bird Feeder' '© Down the Lane

It seems strange the Jay is a member of the Crow family, most suppose it's related to a Pigeon. They are a beautiful bird full of colour and unlike other Crows, it is quite shy, not often showing a face in our Gardens.

Average length is 13" with a wing span of up to 23".

Jays quite simply prefer Woodland preferring the more natural foods such as Acorns in Autumn (they store them similar to Squirrels), Insects, small rodents, very young bird's, eggs and even Bats.

They are usually only attracted to Gardens if you have a Peanut Feeder when they will hang around underneath waiting for any droppings.

Jay on lawn

Although their natural habitat is under threat from new housing developments, they seem to be thriving.

They are not a pest as such but there is a threat where should they get too many in number, they may consume too many smaller birds and their eggs



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